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These are a few testimonies from various individuals that were healed from infirmities. These includes heart problems, leukemia, eye problem, demonic influences, tumors, back and neck problems, and many other illnesses and conditions through Spiritual Hospital, by the power of God. We have received proven medical healing reports.

Diagnosis: leukemia
“My Daughter was very sick and I took her to the Doctor. After many test, it was confirmed that she had leukemia. They admitted her to the Sick Kids Hospital. Two pastors came from Spiritual Hospital to pray for my daughter. After they prayed, the hospital did a bone marrow text, took sample from her spine and it confirmed that the leukemia was gone. The medical team was very confused. To God be the glory!” —D.J. Toronto ON

Tests show no trace of Illness!
"I was suffering from multiple complications for years, which prevents me from functioning on a daily basis. Hospital, specialists, tests, frustration, pain, to name a few…... After attending Spiritual Hospital, hearing the Word of God through his servants, and prayer, I am now healed. Several tests conducted by the medical experts which show no traces of any illness." —Marina, Scarborough ON

Free from demonic influences

“For many years I have been plagued by deep witchcraft spells that my African descendant placed on me. It was so severe that I would be in my house and find myself in Africa in the shrine being tortured. This was not a dream but a reality, so bad that I would rather die. Even while traveling to college, I would feel someone stab me in the chest and someone using a knife and cutting off my feet. Although you couldn’t see it physically it was as if it was real. I was even unconscious on the streets when some of these attacks happened. People would see me passed out grasping for life and called the ambulance. In and out of hospital was a regular occurrence for me, with no findings and I continued to suffer. In addition to the medical system, I seek many established churches around the GTA but none could help me. Some even gave me an appointment for a one year wait period. After seeking the Lord for help he led me to Spiritual Hospital. They took authority over the spirit that was plaguing me and for the first time in years I was free.
I was so thankful that I had to help the ministry establish a project to help people that have being going through what I had gone through. I wouldn’t like to wish what I was going through on my enemy, it was heart wrenching” —A. G, Etobicoke, ON

Eye problem healed
"I have been suffering from pressure in my eyes and I had to wear bifocal glasses. This condition also caused pain in my eyes. I attended a Thursday night prayer meeting at Spiritual Hospital. During prayer and worship I felt something on my head, I brushed it off. Few hours afterward the pain was gone and the eye problem was no longer there.
—David D, Toronto

Nerve injury
 "I had a sciatic nerve injury and a lot of swelling that caused me a lot of discomfort and pain. I visited Spiritual Hospital a few times and after prayer, the swelling and pain disappeared. —Clementine, Toronto ON

Heart problems
"I was hospitalized in 2014 for heart problems. The doctors said I had a hole in my heart. One of the pastors from Spiritual Hospital came and prayed for me while I was in the hospital. The next day they checked and the hole disappeared. There was no need for surgery and I was discharged from the hospital the same day.”—Roslyn, North York ON

Multiple complications
“Had operation and many complications...Today he testified about the miracle the Lord has done in his life. He is a cancer and stroke survivor. He is healing miraculously and just can’t wait to tell the world. He thanked Spiritual Hospital and said he knows it was the prayers from the team that helped him healed. God’s grace and mercy carried him through. To God be the glory!” —D. Smithers, Truro, Nova Scotia


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