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Spiritual Covering

Spiritual Covering 

(Incomplete passage taken from Evangelism God's Way Manual) 

Christians are special targets for the enemy; therefore, they must be protected spiritually from head to foot at all times, especially when going out into the enemy’s territory. We are facing a war zone of principalities, powers, the rulers of the darkness of this world, spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph 6:12). If we are not prepared, we become prey for the enemy.

If we use the armor God provides for us effectively, not a single one of Satan’s evil arrows will get through. We must put on every item properly and also know how to use our divine weapons. This war will only be victorious in the power and might of the Lord. The complete protection that we need is the whole armor of God.

We were first told to gird ourselves with the Belt of Truth

It is quite strange that God would tell us to put on our belt before the rest of the war garments. In the physical realm, we usually put on a belt after all of our clothing is on, but we are not dressing for a physical war zone. This is a supernatural war zone and things are very different there. I am not talking about heaven. I am referring to right here on earth. We are currently living in the physical realm, while there is a spiritual realm around us. When we go into this realm, it is very important that we have the right foundation. We MUST learn the truth and then know how to bind ourselves with this truth. This piece of armor fastens all other parts of the armor securely together.
Without it the other garments won’t stay intact properly. The many different cults, religions, and even those who profess Christianity will twist the truth. If we don’t know the truth, we will be fooled, twisted, and even convert to their beliefs or become confused. Even the real hope that we have will be lost; we won’t even believe that we have been declared righteous, we will stop trusting the Word, our faith will be damaged, we will have no peace, and our relationship with God will change.

Breastplate of Righteousness

This piece of armor is a protection for our heart, and only those who are clean can wear it. Jesus will never put Himself into a dirty vessel. Righteousness covers and protects the Word of God in our hearts. The breastplate represents Christ’s righteousness in us. We are declared righteous by the grace of God; however, we are required to maintain this righteousness.

How do we do this? We do this by watching what we say, what we see, what we do, our thinking, and where we go; everything should be Christ-based. If our hearts are kept pure and we are living a righteous lifestyle, Satan won’t be able to touch us. If we are not covered with righteousness, Satan will search you out and know that you are powerless. He will ask you like he did n the Scripture: “And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?” (Act 19:15).

Righteousness Maintenance Tips:

Consult with the maintenance manual

1. (the Bible) before, during and after conducting service—Guidelines for maintaining righteousness can be found starting in the book of Genesis all the way to the end of Revelation.

2. Perform a spiritual body wash in prayer and fasting on a regular basis—The Holy Spirit will perform the work for you.

3. Disinfect from your head to your feet with the Holy Spirit at all times—The Holy Spirit dwells in the midst of sincere praise—therefore it is a good habit to practice praise and worship.

4. Spirit proof yourself from every corrosion (sin).

5. Perform a diagnostic check of yourself regularly in the Word.

6. Attend the congregation that is in alignment with the Word of God.

Our feet are shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace.This piece is used to set people free from sin. It is having the willingness
to go with the good news of salvation, wherever and whenever God leads us to go. This piece of armor will free the people from the bondage that Satan has them in.

We need our Shield of Faith to protect us

“Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked” (Eph 6:16). When the enemy
comes in like a flood into our lives we must have the faith to stand firmly on all of God’s promises, believing that God is faithful and true to keep
them. We might have the Word but without faith it won’t work. The Word is the weapon and faith pulls the trigger. How do we acquire this faith?
We acquire it by hearing the Word of God. The Bible says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.

The Helmet of Salvation guards our minds

Many Christian don’t realize that their mind is the battlefield for the enemy. This is the main target of the enemy. It is the place where Satan concentrates most of his attacks. This is where our spiritual warfare takes place. Satan uses our minds to distract us with carnal interests, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. Satan is always persuading us to sin, and because we were once slaves to sin, we are vulnerable. Now that we have salvation, we are free from sin; we are no longer slaves and therefore do not have to yield to Satan’s tricks. Through it all, God is able to keep us in perfect peace, but our minds must be stayed on Him. When our minds are on Him we will have the mind of Christ which will enable us to resist and combat the enemy.

The Sword of the Spirit - the Word of God

Again, we are fighting a spiritual war and we are no match for the enemy. He will tear us to shreds. We need a weapon and this weapon cannot be any little weapon. It cannot be the most powerful weapon on this planet. This weapon is like no other; it is the unadulterated Word of God that is sharper than any double-edged sword, penetrating even to the point of dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow…(Hebrews 4:12). This is the main offensive weapon we have in our collection: no other weapon can match it. The enemy will flee seven ways, confused at its very presence. This weapon is so powerful that it will cut through Satan’s strategies and deceits. We have the most powerful weapon of all times, the Word of God. Out of it comes unlimited weaponry for every kind of war, in this world and in the spiritual realm. This weapon is fully equipped; it even has an advanced scope that can peer down into the deepest part of hell to see what trick Satan is planning. After this insight, we can stay right here on earth and fire a Holy Ghost missile or a spiritual laser beam right down into hell. Jesus accomplished this while He was on earth. One example was when He sent the word all the way to the Centurion’s home and healed the sick servant. If we have enough faith, we do not have to necessarily be present, all we have to do is send the spiritual nuclear bomb (the Word) into the prison, the hospital, oversees, etc. The Word is so powerful that it will go to hell (the root of the cause) and then travel through the arteries of the spiritual world, to the individual, and complete the needed work.

Pray in the Spirit

The final piece of the armor is prayer. We need to pray! Pray, pray and pray. Prayer in the Spirit happens when we allow our mind and spirit to maintain open conversation with God through the Holy Spirit. We are no longer praying in the flesh, but allowing the Spirit to pray through us. While we are praying, we are getting a spiritual injection to immunize us against the enemy’s plots. This type of prayer is very effective in spiritual warfare because we are spiritually limited and God is able to see and attack all things for us. We sometimes don’t know what has happened in the spirit, but major damage has taken place. Do you know that many things are broken down and created in the spiritual realm when we pray in the Spirit? I have seen this happen many times. One experience I had happened while driving on the highway. God brought an elder to my mind. I started praying in the Spirit not knowing what I was praying about. A couple of days later, I saw the elder and told him about the experience I had. He was so astonished because he had been in a situation for years at his workplace which had refused to compensate him the money he was justly due. He told me that my prayer caused the funds to be released and he received the money. Another time, I was praying in the Spirit with my husband. My husband, who sees open visions frequently, told me that while I was praying he saw heaven opened and a very bright light shone down through our roof and billions of angels in white apparel stood around our entire living room, holding their swords. He said he was in awe experiencing such a sight; he
even said that if he was not yet saved, that experience would have caused him to accept Christ because it was so real.

If you are not equipped and anointed by God to invade and conquer some territory, stay put for your own good. There are devils and demons waiting in line to have a field day with you. However, if you are confident that you are well covered, by all means go to whatever territory God leads you. Please note that all believers, not those who call themselves “Christians,” but the true born again believers, are armed and very dangerous and are able to terrorize Satan and his kingdom. Just the other day, I was watching a television broadcast with an evangelist who was in Africa. He said while doing an open air crusade, a witch doctor come into the meeting to destroy him, and while this witch doctor was talking, the evangelist felt the power of the Holy Spirit overtake him. Immediately, this witch doctor that had started to conduct his spell began having an asthma attack and had to run for his life. This evangelist did not have to do anything because the power of God was fighting for him. This is the power we have as believers. All we need to do is stay true and God will lift up a standard for us.

Let us go and fight the good fight of faith knowing that although we are flesh and blood, we have weapons of mass destruction (the Word of God and prayer) to wipe out the enemy’s army. 2 Corinthian 10:4-5 states, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

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